Care Instructions

Please take care of your Ink Elephant creations! 

Although made with high quality products, they still need to be treated as if they're fragile. Once you receive your products, please remove them from their earring card very carefully, as well as when removing them from your ears. 

When wearing your designs, please be mindful not to expose them to any alcohol (ie rubbing alcohol), water or perfumes. This will ensure they live longer! 

If you need to clean your products, please use a damp or dry cloth. 

Store your earrings preferably in an earring display holder. This will ensure they remain upright and you can keep all your pairs together. If you don't have a display holder, laying them flat will suffice too. Please keep in mind not to expose your beauties to direct sunlight as the sun may affect the inks and resin. 

If you own any of our creations with tassels, please store these upright as that will stop any creasing of the tassels. 

Ink Elephant earrings have tiny little backings and jump rings to them, and as such pose a choking hazard. Please keep all earrings away from children. 

Our magnets are adhered to our designs with high quality resin. Over time, the constant pulling of the magnets off your fridge can cause these two elements to seperate. If this occurs, you may be able to restore them using superglue. Follow their instructions. These too can pose a choking hazard, please keep out of reach of children. 

I hope you all enjoy your babies as much as I've loved making them! 

xx Jaclyn